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What Happened to My Roof?

Failing asphalt roof growing moss

Millions of Americans are wondering the same thing.The roof you bought less than 15 years ago (less than 10 for some) are failing. You thought you bought the heavy duty roof   that would last 30, 40, or 50 years. You bought based on past experience. So what happened? Why is my roof failing?

It is true. Asphalt and fiberglas roofs come with warranties that range from 25 years to lifetime, however professional roofers have been skeptical dating back to the early 1990’s. They began to notice a change in the shingle composition and were seeing rapidly deteriorating roofs. The roofers were told the failures were due to improper 

installation, poor ventilation, and occasionally a bad batch of shingles.

Fast forward 20 years and you see millions of failed roofs. The shingle had changed.

Many years ago manufactures began selling the public on the idea that they should expect a naturally aging process of their roof. This statement published by Certainteed in The Lifecycle of Your Roof.

"Due to the severity of the roof environment, even a one year old roof may look different from a roof that was just installed.  While you may have first noticed the cracks or blistering from the ladder as you were cleaning the gutters, please be mindful that these normal weathering characteristics may not be visible when you view your roof from your front lawn or driveway."

Shingles were once manufactured...